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Fertilizers & environment

It’s stated incorrectly sometimes, that fertilization contributes to environmental damage. However, if we do not fertilize, nutrients that are removed during harvests, would not be returned to land.

The limited amount of nutrients in the ground also results in the reduction of plant growth (aboveground and underground biomasses) that contributes to a smaller quantity of organic matter production. This leads to further soil impoverishment and erosion and can lose its richness. The loss of soil fertility is one of the biggest environmental damages! Because soil it’s not an easily renewable source and it belongs to the next generation, it must be protected as an important prerequisite of life on our planet.

The bigger plant growth also makes a sufficient contribution concerning the increase of the photosynthesis and capturing CO2. This also reduces the leaching of substances from the soil to surface water and groundwater or the volatilization of some gases into the atmosphere. Considered precise use of modern mineral fertilizers enables not only the replenishment of necessary soil nutrients in an appropriate amount and proportion but primarily contributes to the conservation of the soil fertility and reduces negative impacts on nature and environment in compliance with the principles of sound management.

Fert-Trade Romania’s portfolio includes both solid and liquid fertilizers. By introducing them in the fertilization plan, optimal nutrition of the crop plants is ensured in all stages of development. The final result is a superior product from a quantitative and qualitative point of view.


Storage and packaged fertilizers

  • Storage bags and big bag on pallets
  • Stack a maximum 2 pallets with a maximum total allowed height 3.5 M, so that the feet of the pallets are divided in the ration 2:1
  • If they are stord outside, cover the bags on the pallets and the bags with a foil, so that their space remains between the foil and the bag
  • The goods should be covered with a protective film against UV rays, and the temperature shall not exceed 20°C . Share it in the short term
  • Avoid mechanical damage to packages
  • Do not reuse empty packages, manage them according to waste
  • management principles

Recommendations for the correct
handling and storage go granulated fertilizers

  • Stored in a dry warehouse with adequate ventilation system or air conditioning storage
  • Avoid very high humidity level
  • One type of fertilizer in a single box
  • Corresponding marking of boxes, type of fertilizer, manufacturer, no. LOT, data production
  • Keep the store clean
  • Use personal protection devices
  • Handling in deposit only by properly trained staff
  • Expose the environment to moisture
  • Expose to direct sun light or any other thermal or light radiation
  • Mix fertilize with other organic, inorganic and exploive substances
  • Create sources of potential mechanical pollution (empty containers pieces of damaged pallets)
  • Eat, smoke or drink in store