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Fert-Trade, the right solution for quality agriculture!

Fert-Trade is a company present in the Romanian market since 2016, headquartered in Timisoara.

About our services

Fert-Trade is a company present in the Romanian market since 2016, headquartered in Timisoara.

Fert-Trade Romania’s portfolio includes both solid and liquid fertilizers. By introducing them in the fertilization plan you insure an optimal nutrition for the crops, in all stages of development, the result being a superior production both in quantity and quality.


Loss of soil fertility is one of the greatest damage to the environment! Soil is not an easy resource to regenerate, so it MUST be protected for life on Earth to keep nourishing.


The exact mineral of modern fertilizers, in particular, contributes to the conservation of soil fertilization and reduces the negative impact of the environment.


Study and research are the keys to discovering balance. It is not enough to have the solution if you do not know the instructions for use in detail: What? For what? When? How? Here are the questions we offer answers to, along with the fertilizer products.


We strongly believe QUALITY is the main tool for the connection between our company-suppliers-customers. Considering this, sustainable development is a real necessity on which humanity must build its future.



  • Storage space with access to the Vinga Railway
  • Bagging unit
  • Merchandise delivery in bulk
  • Equalized bags
  • Storage capacity
  • Investments in a storage facility for optimal storage of fertilizers
  • Possibility to pack 70 tons / hour
  • Fertilizer quality control (merchandise is checked, delivered properly and stored at the right temperature)

Fert-Trade is part of the Czech company AGROFERT with over 250 branches in various industries, such as chemical industry, agriculture, food processing, forestry and wood, soil technologies, transport, renewable energy sources, or media.

Over 33000 employees in over 18 countries and 4 continents are rep­resenting today and the future success of AGROFERT company.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it!”
(Peter Drucker)

→ We believe in responsibility because we know that merchandise delivered on time gives trust to our clients

→ We believe in counseling, continuous support, and technical aid, our farmers being advised on the appropriate environment for storage and use of fertilizers

→ We believe that quick solutions are the basis of efficient teamwork, that is why Fert-Trade employees are at our clients disposal in case of errors or various situations

→ We believe in flexibility and a close relationship between us and our customers

→ We believe in professionalism, always dedicated to clients and open to their plans

→ We offer a continuous flow of goods, customers care to be essential to us

→ We believe in a better future for us and the generations to come, sustainable development being a necessity, an innovation – the only way to a better world

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